The epic raid AFK

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The epic raid AFK
There are few things more frustrating in the game than a person going AFK in the middle of a fight. Sometimes there are good reasons, and sometimes the reasons are...less than adequate. But no matter what, we all have an epic AFK story that makes us laugh and cry all at the same time.

The ultimate AFK (so far) in my WoW career happened while we were on Illidan last week. Uly, a good Mage in our guild, was standing with the ranged group dpsing Illidan during phase 1. He was a little high on threat, so he switched to his wand. Nothing wrong there.

So he's standing there, wanding away as I'm moving Illidan across the terrace to avoid the fire. It looks like he's doing his job. He get the parasites.

"Uly," the raid leader calls out.

A second goes by.

"Uly, move," calls the class lead.

Another moment.

"Oh $!@# he's AFK."

Our Mage has gone AFK to get a drink. At this point it looks like we're going to wipe. There's only 5 more seconds on the parasites, and Uly's not back. Even if he was, he probably wouldn't make it to the parasite spot in time. Then sometime miraculous happens.

"Everyone move away from Uly NOW," yells the GM over vent. Every person in the ranged and healer group moved away from him, and just in the nick of time as the parasites spawned. Ranged DPS was so focused on what was going on that they were very quickly able to push down the parasites and get back into position - finishing off phase 1 without missing a beat. The attempt ended with a wipe at 45% during phase 4, so not a terrible attempt overall.

Uly eventually came back and apologized profusely. I talked with him later about this when I wanted to write up the story, and he was pretty humble about it. He's a good player, and we've all had these moments. I used to go AFK when tanking Garr's dogs in MC, for instance. But that really doesn't compare to turning on the wand and going AFK during a fight where you probably will have to run out of the group with little bugs growing in your stomach.

What are some of your most epic AFK moments? Share and enjoy!
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