Canton refreshes its Karat speaker lineup

Steven Kim
S. Kim|05.11.08

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Canton refreshes its Karat speaker lineup
Canoton Karat 795 DC and 770 DC
In the spirit of "out with the old, in with the new" that we love around here, Canton has done a little spring cleaning on its Karat speaker lineup. There are seven models, so rest assured the company has your encirclement needs covered. All models make use of the same 1-inch tweeter, and we're happy to see the 'DC' models making use of deep, narrow cabinets that give the side-mount woofer a little extra oomph and push the tweeters up high on a narrow baffle. If floor-standing speakers are your thing, the 795 DC, 790 DC and 770 DC models are for you. But for smaller rooms, less visual impact, or surround duty, the 730 DC and 720 models are bookshelf-sized. Put a 755 center channel right below your display (if you've got a CRT, don't worry, it's shielded) and round out the package with the 12-inch AS 750 SC subwoofer. Available in glossy white or black; prices run a gamut from $2400 for a 795 DC to $600 for a 720 (those are per speaker prices, so multiply accordingly).
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