D-Link introduces DXN-221 Coax Ethernet Adapter Kit

D-Link's no stranger to HD streaming, and the outfit is proving that it's still got game by announcing the Coax Ethernet Adapter Kit. The Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA)-certified package consists of two DXN-220 adapters, each of which boast coaxial F-type connectors and an Ethernet port meant to give internet / network access to various rooms without worry over wireless connections flaking out on you. As you can tell, this one was designed to expand home networks without requiring any additional wiring (if you're pre-wired for cable, that is), and being that it operates in the 800MHz to 1,500MHz range, there won't be any interference with cable TV transmissions or the like. The DXN-221 kit -- which includes a pair of the aforementioned adapters -- will be available in Q3 for $199.99, while individual adapters can be purchased for $109.99 apiece.