D-Link's DSM-5210R Wireless HD streamer

D-Link is touting the new DSM-5210R as the first wireless high-def streaming media player with 100GB of storage and 5-in-1 card reader, but is it semantics? We already know that a Windows Media Center PC can stream HDTV via WiFi to an Xbox 360 via the Windows Media Extender functionality, so maybe we're sticklers on these kinds of statements. Doesn't really matter because we want our HDTV to follow us wherever we go and the DSM-5210R might deliver. D-Link doesn't specify the wireless type included with the media server (802.11a works well) and 100GB of storage isn't going to hold a ton of high-def content. However, the box does show promise with XviD and Ogg Vorbis support, something those WMCEs don't do easily. If you do like the native Windows format for media, you can use the included Windows Media Connection functionality. HDMI, USB, S-Video, composite, coax and optical audio are all part of the 1.5-inch high and 17-inch wide unit. Notably missing are details on availability and price.