VUDU Wireless Kit: it adds WiFi to your VUDU

There's not much explaining to do once the name of this product is read aloud, but we'll humor you anyway. The recently announced VUDU Wireless Kit is something we dreamed of having when testing the thing out in our own labs, but we suppose late is better than never. The package contains a pair of 802.11g adapters -- one for your VUDU set-top-box and one for your WLAN router -- that creates a "secure, self-contained wireless network" for transferring material from VUDU's servers to your device. The going rate for this bundle is $79, but you can knock $29 from that if you purchase it directly from VUDU with a $299 STB. Now, the real question here is this: will this thing function reliably (wireless HD has been shoved under the rug for a reason, you know), and will it function reliably with HD content. Any guinea pigs out there willing to check?

[Via CEPro]