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AMD's first Fusion chips to be targeted at ultraportables

AMD's first Fusion chips to be targeted at ultraportables
Nilay Patel
Nilay Patel|June 26, 2008 2:13 PM

We'd heard that AMD was working on another competitor to Intel's Atom chips, but yet another set of insanely boring leaked slides indicates that the company is planning on using a version of its next-gen Fusion CPU / GPU hybrid chip to power a new mobile platform codenamed "Shrike." The new ultra-low-voltage platform is aimed at machines like the Fujitsu U810 and Dell Latitude XT, so it's not quite a direct competitor for Atom and VIA's Isaiah -- that's what Puma is for -- but there's bound to be some overlap, and the appeal of a real GPU in a mobile device is pretty obvious. Rumor is that Shrike could beat the planned "Swift" chips off the line as the first Fusion chips -- that is, if any of this stuff actually ever ships, since we've been hearing about it since 2006. Let's see some chips instead of slides next time, alright AMD?
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