Crazy Mini Golf is deadly serious

philip larsen
p. larsen|07.11.08

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The first gameplay footage of Crazy Mini Golf is in, and it isn't nearly as crazy as Data Design would have us believe. Sure, there's a few loops and tunnels here and there, but where's the emotion? The random strangers running back and forth with arms flailing wildly? Straitjacket as far as the eye can see? Yes, we're afraid Crazy Mini Golf is less crazy than your local Scientology clinic.

The level shown above is situated inside a volcano, which is somewhat badass. However, first impressions are not all that great. We were hoping for a smooth, fun mini-golf experience, but the video shows rather awkward controls, a jerky camera and unimpressive ball physics. It seems like the worst possible footage to show with the first trailer, because if a mini-golf game doesn't look like much fun at the outset then there's a serious problem. We'll wait and see -- ultimate judgement shall be reserved until we're whacking the little balls into the clutches of Lord Xenu himself.

[Via press release]
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