Penguin United offers its own quad Wiimote charging station

Darren Murph
D. Murph|07.30.08

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Two 4x Wiimote charging stations in a week? Um, okay. If, for whatever reason, the Nintendo-licensed charger we saw just days ago wasn't right for you (read: too expensive to import), we've got yet another option for you to consider. Penguin United -- which gets brownie points on name alone -- has just unveiled the Quad Charge Station for Wii, which utilizes Li-ion batteries that promise 13 full hours of playtime from each Wiimote. Additionally, it can juice up your controllers in just 4 hours, and there's even LEDs to inform you of how close to full each one is. The real kicker? The colored Wiimote straps that PU tosses in -- huzzah! Include one in your next party for $44.99.

[Via IGN]
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