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Wii gets rechargeable battery packs with Sanyo's Eneloop

Wii gets rechargeable battery packs with Sanyo's Eneloop
Joshua Fruhlinger
Joshua Fruhlinger|@fruhlinger|July 24, 2008 8:31 AM
Sanyo Eneloop
If all the extra accessories aren't making your Wii collection a mess, all the AA batteries you've thrown out have at least caused a lump in a landfill. To help out in the battery department, Sanyo has come up with the Eneloop charging station complete with a battery pack replacement pack for your Wii remote and a charging base that can support as many as four controllers at once. Remotes charge in a respectable 220 minutes and Eneloop will even charge sequentially so you don't have to wait an extra couple hours for your next Smash Bros fix. Available for $73 as an import item, but we wouldn't be surprised if this showed up on our shores for powerless gamers this fall.

UPDATE: Confused about why this is important? The new recharger uses a contact-free electromagnetic system so you don't need to remove your battery pack. Oh - it's also the first Nintendo-licensed recharger.

[Via Akihabara News]