Boston Acoustics throws us a curve with its Vista speakers

Steven Kim
S. Kim|08.15.08

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Boston Acoustics throws us a curve with its Vista speakers
Boston Acoustics Vista speakers
We don't normally associate Boston Acoustics with high-fashion design, but its new Vista speakers definitely change that opinion. There will be six speakers in the range by the end of the year, so you should be able to put together a package with the desired amount of "surroundedness." To lead things off, the company will bring out the VS 336 floorstander ($1,700 each), VS 325C center channel ($900), VS 240 bookshelf ($400 each) and the VPS 210 subwoofer ($1,700). All these models have different-sized cones to fill in the bass end of their coverage, so let's hope the crossover and voicing act to create a strong family resemblance between speakers. A pair of additional models will be added to the lineup in November at the $700 price point -- the VS 224 L/C/R and VS 260 bookshelf. Okay, so we can tick off "good-looking" and "reasonable price" -- if these check out sonically, we think Boston has all the ingredients for a successful speaker family on its hands.

[Via AudioJunkies]

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