Kevin Rose unearths redesigned iPod nano, digs for more?

Kevin Rose of Digg origins claims to have the scoop on the latest iPod nano. Mind you, this is the same Kevin Rose who notoriously claimed that a generation one iPhone would launch in both CDMA and GSM versions with a pair of batteries and slide-out keyboard. Uh hem. This time however, he backs up his claims with this picture of a skinnier, longer, and curvier nano -- credible because it just happens to be consistent with other rumors we've seen floating around and certainly makes sense for an Apple obsessed with tapering edges and video playback. Kev also claims that the iPod lineup will undergo "fairly large" price cuts to avoid the market cannibalization assumed by the lower $199 iPhone 3G purchase price. The iPod touch, which currently starts at $299 for 8GB, will see some slight cosmetic changes as well as a new 2.1 firmware update (which will obviously make its way to the iPhone). Tagging along with the iPod refresh is a new iTunes 8.0 which, according to Rose's sources, deserves the full point upgrade based on all the new features and functionality it brings. All this, "in the next 2-3 weeks."

He then adds that OS X 10.5.6 is rumored to include Blu-ray support which could point to future Blu-ray options in Apple's lineup of Macs -- oh, and ponies, lots of ponies. Listen to the man say it in his own words in the video after the break.

[Thanks, Matt and Alexis F.]