Kevin Rose confirms iPhone?

So apparently last night Kevin Rose, of Digg and Diggnation fame, apparently confirmed information he knew about the iPhone on his eponymous vidcast. According to Kevin, who, to his credit, accurately predicted one of Apple's most secretive and hyped launches of 2005, the iPod nano, the iPhone will feature the following:

  • January launch on "all" providers, both CDMA and GSM

  • Extremely small form factor

  • Two battery design (with single charger) -- one for playing music, the other for phone functions

  • Flash memory: 4GB for $249, 8GB for $449

  • "Slide-out keyboard"

  • Possibly touchscreen

There's obviously a lot there to process -- some new rumor, some old rumor, and some which does and does not jibe with what we've heard. According to a trusted source of Engadget's, whose iPhone information has gone heretofore unpublished, it's pretty safe to say it won't have a QWERTY keyboard (although it may be a slider), touchscreen is out, and it's only going to be GSM with 3G at launch, going with a singular carrier in the US (guess which). So that covers basically all of the rumors we've already heard anyway. We can confirm we've also heard about this dual battery design which powers the flash music player and phone portions separately, but that's about all we've got that crosses over with Rose's information. Either way, we don't want to bark up the wrong tree with this one because insider and rumored information is so often totally inaccurate, even if only because radical design changes are known to be made, especially by Steve "loose cannon" Jobs. Guess we'll have to settle in for our usual wait until January.

[Thanks to Andrew and everyone who sent this in]