iPod nanos set to double capacity, iPod touch likely unchanged in preparation for price cuts? (updated)


has some last minute leaks en-route to Tuesday's Lets Rock event. Arn's sources claim that the entire iPod lineup will be refreshed and the heavily rumored iPod nanos will make the move from 4GB/8GB capacities and 6 color choices to 8GB/16GB configurations in 9 color variations -- purple, orange, and yellow will be the new choices. Interestingly, the iPod touch will continue to be offered in 8GB/16GB/32GB choices which sets them up for the rumored price cuts we've been expecting ever since Apple kicked out the iPhone 3G for $199.

By the way, the Apple store will almost certainly be going down in the next few minutes. Consider us and yourselves, notified.

Update: Now AppleInsider has chimed in with leaks from its "longstanding sources." They cite 5 colors of iPod shuffles and an updated black and white silver iPod classic. Elongated iPod nanos are predicted in the same 9 colors with the inclusion of a new accelerometer to switch from portrait to landscape modes.