Logitech introduces new Pure-Fi docks and Z-5 speakers

Nilay Patel
N. Patel|09.16.08

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Logitech introduces new Pure-Fi docks and Z-5 speakers

Looks like the 70s are back -- Altec Lansing just shifted its entire branding to black / brown, and now Logitech's going with a similar retro look on two new Pure-Fi docks and the Z-5 speakers. The battery-powered Pure-Fi Express Plus portable system features an omnidirectional sound field that's supposed to provide stereo sound in all directions, while the tabletop Pure-Fi Anytime alarm clock (pictured) features motion-activated backlit controls -- including wave-to-snooze, which sounds incredibly dangerous. Both docks will retail for $100 when they hit in October. The X-5 speakers are USB-powered computer speakers enhanced with the same omnidirectional sound tech in the Pure-Fi Express Plus, they'll be out later this month for $100 as well. Pics of the Pure-Fi Express Plus and the Z-5s after the break.

[Via iPodNN]

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