Amex Digital does what Steve wouldn't, intros portable Blu-ray burner for Macs

A "bag of hurt," huh Steve? How do you like these Apples? Amex Digital has stepped in to give prospective MacBook / MacBook Pro owners (and anyone with a fresh USB-equipped Mac, really) the ability to watch and burn Blu-ray Discs... so long as they're cool with hauling around an external unit. The glossy black / white drive (coincidence?) is pretty much a Blu flavor of the portable Super Multi Drive it churned out in July. It'll burn BD-RE / -R (single-layer) discs at 2x, while dual-layer versions will only toast at 1x; as for blank DVDs, they'll get done at a rate of 4x to 8x depending on flavor. Not too painful at just $289, wouldn't you agree, Mr. Jobs?

[Thanks, A1]