SpeakerCraft introduces outdoor OG speakers for pool owners, lawn mowers

Darren Murph
D. Murph|10.23.08

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SpeakerCraft introduces outdoor OG speakers for pool owners, lawn mowers

The speaker-in-a-rock was hot stuff back in the day, but now, it's pretty played out. SpeakerCraft has applied its jungle influences to the OG outdoor speaker, which is modeled after an exterior landscape lighting fixture and can be hidden away in flower beds, under bushes or in between statues of Tiki Men. The unit itself includes a 3-inch full-range aluminum cone driver, but it seems as if you'll need to phone up your nearest SpeakerCraft dealer for pricing information. Full release after the break.

New SpeakerCraft OG Speakers to Provide Yet Another Outdoor Option

On Ground Installation is Inconspicuous and Simplistic

Riverside, CA: SpeakerCraft, America's original manufacturer of in-wall speakers is pleased to announce their first On Ground or OG loudspeaker. Modeled after an exterior landscape lighting fixture, these speakers can be hidden in flower beds and planters or under bushes and shrubs.

Driven directly into the soil with a ground spike, these speakers can be placed almost anywhere and pointed toward the listening area. Their small size and shape make them ideal for situations where standard outdoor speakers or Rox would be out of place. " It was a natural step to build an outdoor speaker that mimics an exterior lighting fixture," says Jeff Francisco, SpeakerCraft's V.P. of Product Development. "The look of the fixture is so universally accepted that most people won't even notice them."

The fixture is made out of diecast aluminum with a 3-inch full-range aluminum cone driver.

Due to the physical limits inherent in a driver of this size, a subwoofer is recommended. The SpeakerCraft Rox Sub is a perfect compliment.

SpeakerCraft, established in 1976, devoted itself for more than a decade to the design and development of architectural loudspeakers and became known as the prime OEM for many well-known, in-wall speaker brands in the field. In marketing its own brand, now one of the
widest lines of architectural speakers and electronics in the industry, SpeakerCraft brings with it years of experience and a dedication to dealer satisfaction.
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