WSJ to Disney: Buy EA

Jason Dobson
J. Dobson|11.04.08

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WSJ to Disney: Buy EA
We're accustomed to seeing Electronic Arts purchase studios at the drop of a money hat, but not so much the other way around. Don't tell that to the Wall Street Journal, however, as the financial site suggests that Walt Disney (the company, not the frozen corpse) should add EA to its animated empire. With EA shares dipping more than 17 percent last week -- not to mention the sluggish economy overall -- the WSJ claims that "Disney would be gutsy to step up during the current economic uncertainty," adding however that "it might be better than waiting for better times and paying top dollar."

Of course, EA has yet to give any indication that it plans to step up on the auction block any time soon, though we can't help but wonder how it would feel about another media giant trying to step in and do it a favor.

[Via Edge Online]
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