EVE Fanfest presentation discusses graphics enhancements

James Egan
J. Egan|11.07.08

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EVE Fanfest presentation discusses graphics enhancements

EVE Online's Fanfest 2008 is now underway, and reports are already coming through on what's happening in Reykjavik. CCP Games held a press conference that discussed EVE's technical side, namely its server technology, but also touched upon EVE's impending graphic enhancements in 2009. EVE Online's Premium 'Trinity' graphics engine was a significant leap forward in the game. While some players felt that the graphics as they were prior to Trinity were still ahead of the curve in terms of what's expected of an MMO, the look of the game changed dramatically with Trinity. However, the Trinity deployment wasn't a complete revamp of EVE's look. Ships and stations benefited from Premium graphics, but other celestial objects did not, jump gates notwithstanding.

"EVE is in a state where, if you run the Premium graphics edition, half of it is done, you could say," said Chief Technologist Halldor Fannar of CCP Games, at Reykjavik's Fanfest 2008, as reported by Oli Welsh of Eurogamer. Future graphics updates will bring celestial objects in line with what's currently seen in Trinity, and may well arrive with the forthcoming Walking in Stations expansion which is slated to launch after the Quantum Rise expansion, just around the corner.

As to the future of EVE Online's graphics, Fannar hints as to what may be on the horizon for the title. Welsh writes, "Fannar even discussed the possibility of simulating gas giants in 3D with dense particle fields, and players being able to fly realistically through planetary rings." Be sure to check out Eurogamer's coverage of the CCP presentation for the full story on EVE's Premium graphics enhancements.
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