Telenav Shotgun connected GPS launched, reviewed

Nilay Patel
N. Patel|11.10.08

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It doesn't seem like the connected GPS market is the best place to be at the moment -- Dash just dropped hardware sales in a radical restructuring and Magellan's halted development of the 5340 -- but Telenav isn't shying away, throwing its hat into the ring with the $300 Shotgun. A $12/month GPRS subscription gets you the usual slew of web-enabled features like real-time traffic and weather, live POI searches, gas pricing, and online trip planning, all wrapped in the usual Telenav PND UI and bolstered by 11 million preloaded POIs. Sounds like an interesting piece of kit, and it's apparently well done -- GPS Review took an early look at the 4.3-inch touchscreen PND and found it to be a "good start," albeit with some minor annoyances that will hopefully be remedied in a future software update. Still, we're just not all that convinced that another subscription fee is going to appeal to many in this economic climate -- we'll see if the Shotgun manages to fire. Peep tons more pics in the gallery.
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