Magellan suspends development on Maestro Elite 5340 connected GPS

First comes the fallout at Dash, and now this. Apparently GPS manufacturers are finally caving to the realization that the vast majority doesn't want yet another monthly fee tacked on in the form of a connected GPS -- particularly when so many of the non-connected navigators work so well. TWICE has it that Magellan has "suspended development" on its Maestro Elite 5340 with Google Local search, noting that even though it "believes there is great promise in connected navigation, in the near term, consumers have shown an unwillingness to pay a steep price for PNDs, especially with the recent economic downturns." If you'll recall, we actually toyed with this very unit back at CES, and sadly, it seems those hands-on shots are as close as any citizen outside of the company will ever get to it.

[Via GPSTracklog]