Hands-on with Magellan's new 5340+GPRS connected GPS device and others

Magellan really isn't kidding around when it says it's targeting flush boomers with its new devices -- although its reps wouldn't tell us exactly how much GPRS service would cost for the new $999 Maestro 5340, they did say it would be upwards of $40 a month. Sure, the service -- running on the device-only carrier Jasper -- looks nice, and the optional $100 GPRS cradle is kind of neat, but we're totally at a loss to see who would ever pay that much for Google Local access and the ability to email notes to the device. We also caught snaps of the new RoadMate 1212, the ridiculously expensive 5310, and the Maestro Elite 3270 -- which sure seemed like it had plastic around the screen to us, no matter how hard the reps insisted it didn't. Sure seems like there's a gallery down there -- you know the drill.