Preparing for Wrath Day 1: Get your act together

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It's not that you've done anything wrong, but if you want to really hit the ground running in Northrend you're going to need to get your act together. Go outside and get some food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and other goodies. All those nutrients will let you stay up and play Wrath until you fall asleep in your chair.

But there's more to it all then just that. You need to make sure everything else is taken care of so you can have some uninterrupted play time tonight. Be a pro and get as much of this stuff done now, so come 11pm or so when you walk out to your midnight release gathering you can be free of all responsibilities.

And if you're really a pro, you've secretly engineered your life for the next few days to allow you the maximum amount of time to play Wrath. If you're like me this includes having a wonderful dinner with your significant other tonight, then some alone time with her and Jon Stewart, and finally the "Okay hon, I'll see you in a few days."

I'm sure that'll work, right?

Read on after the break for the WoW Insider "I proudly don't have a life outside of WoW for the next few days" checklist. Follow it, and you'll finally be prepared for Wrath.
  • Get some real food, not just junk food. Things like pasta, bread for sandwiches, and even a frozen pizza or two are good.
  • Get a wide variety of drinks: soda, juice, water, etc...
  • On the same note be sure to drink a lot of water. Nothing makes you as tired as dehydration, and drinking pure water is the only way to go.
  • If you're of legal drinking age (21 kiddies), be sure to go with something you'll be able to stomach easily.
  • Don't eat too much candy, the sugar high and low afterwards will make you want to go to bed at 1:00am.
  • Clean your underwear! Or in other words, make sure you're wearing some comfortable and clean cloths. If you want to stay up tonight, convince your body that you should be up like it's the day.
  • Clean the area around your computer. Sure mess can be nice and cozy, but if you want to really push with Wrath tonight you'll want as clean an area as possible so your brain can fully concentrate on the game.
  • Feed your pets and make sure they're all set. This might seem like a "duh" thing, but I usually play with my cat before I go to bed. Tonight I'm going to play with him earlier so he's all tired and won't bother me when I'm trying to play the game.
  • Play in a well lit area. Darkness makes your body want to sleep, light makes it want to stay up.
  • Clean off your computer. Get rid of any unnecessary startup programs, turn off everything you can. You want to have your system running in tip-top-shape when Wrath installs and plays for the first time. No need for unnecessary downtime.
  • Replace your keyboard and mouse batteries, or charge them fully. If you're using anything wireless, be sure it's fully charged

Are you ready for the challenges that await you in Northrend? WoW Insider has you covered with our 8-day guide to Preparing for Wrath. Also, check out our feature on AddOns new, old and outdated and Essential AddOns for Wrath written especially with the expansion in mind.
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