Yes, that 2H mace makes you look fat

Allison Robert
A. Robert|11.16.08

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Yes, that 2H mace makes you look fat

Important news for all 20 of you playing female Tauren out there (of whom Robin Torres and I are two, so I guess it's for the other 18); beware the port to Lake Wintergrasp from Dalaran when your faction controls the fortress. Our reader Amalline wrote in to let us know that an unfortunate bug from the beta concerning the room you're ported to has made its way to the live realms. And by "unfortunate bug," I mean "hilarious joke for all those of you not playing female Tauren" -- you can't get out the door.

Those who have played female Tauren since World of Warcraft classic will recognize this as the latest iteration of the old and equally annoying "I can't get into Molten Core!" bug. Now, while I personally have no intention whatsoever of entering Wintergrasp (which, given my previous track record on such resolutions, means that one of my more sadistic friends will make sure I get stuck there within 2 weeks), I realize that there may be people among the remaining 18 worldwide players with an itch to go an ungainly killin' spree. If I were you, I would plan on being solidly part of the defense for the time being.

It's hard not to notice that female Tauren have unusual difficulty fitting through things that even male Tauren can fit through, but player Astirid from the beta forums seems to have nailed the problem; with respect to model height, female Tauren are actually the tallest models in the game (male Tauren are wider but not actually taller). This cements my belief that nobody on the development team is playing a giant heifer. I find this intolerable, this is racism, this is not to be borne. Dare I say it, this will not stand. And neither can we going through the Undercity elevator or that stupid gun shop next to the auction house in Orgrimmar.
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