dmedia G400 with WiMAX: MID or PND?

Apparently the dmedia G400 MID was announced at the WiMAX Expo in Taipei back in June, but this is the first we've seen of it, and solid information is still a little hard to come by. The device will boast a 800 x 400 touchscreen, WiMAX, HSDPA / WCDMA, and GPS radios, a microSD slot, and will come in both 3.8-inch and 4.3-inch configurations. From what we could glean, the system with run atop a SiRFprima CPU, though we haven't seen a lot (say, any) of MIDs using those chips. So, is this actually just a glorified PND? It's hard to say, but we hear the units will hit retail sometime in the beginning of 2009, though we don't know how much they'll cost or where they'll be available.

[Via Pocketables]