Apparent Xbox 360 "Jasper" spotted in the wild

We've had some false alarms in the past, but it looks like the first Jasper-equipped Xbox 360s may now finally be starting to make their way out into the wild. While there unfortunately still aren't any pictures of the motherboard to completely put this thing to rest, everything else certainly seems to be pointing in the right direction, including a 150W power supply (25W less than the current models), a manufacturing date of 2008-10-23, an 0843X lot number, and a power adapter that most definitely won't fit in a Falcon console -- head on past the break for a pic of it. Now, anyone feel like cracking open some cases?

Update: Picture of the guts now posted over at xbox-scene. Interestingly, it appears that the new mobo brings 256MB onboard flash memory (up from 16MB). Those look like 65-nm process chips to you?

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]