Xbox 360 with Jasper arrives on the scene in all its 65nm glory

Hey, those Jaspers we've heard so much about are finally popping up in Xbox 360 consoles -- a bit behind the anticipated August release date, but better late than never right? If you'll recall these boards come equipped with 65nm chips that draw significantly less power, along with reduced heat output. If you're thinking about picking one of the new models up, you might want to check that the manufacture date is no earlier than August 6, 2008, and lot number is 8031 or above. So if you just bought a new console, it's time to go foraging for that receipt, but if you're still not sold there's always Valhalla to look forward to.

Update: Looks like this may just be some overeager entries in database -- we'll let you know when we get some hard proof. In the meantime, if you decide to launch your own attempt in identifying a Jasper, keep an eye out for changes to components on the board: the tell-tail sign of a Falcon is the orientation of the inductor rings near the CPU heatsink (two laying flat -- as opposed to three standing up.) A lower than 175W power supply would also be an indicator, though there's no telling if that will be the case.

[Via Joey Gadget]

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