No love for Final Fantasy XI on PS3

Square Enix's MMO title Final Fantasy XI has been popular on PlayStation 2 for years, but despite its availability for Xbox 360 and PC, it seems FFXI won't be making an appearance on the PS3 anytime soon. While some of the older PS3 models boasted PlayStation 2 emulation, moving forward gamers purchasing the PlayStation 3 won't enjoy this backwards compatibility.

Given this limitation, and the simple fact that many gamers are leaving the PS2 behind as they look ahead, why hasn't Final Fantasy XI migrated to the PS3? You'd envision this being the logical next step for the title, particularly given the new breed of console-based MMOs coming to PS3 -- namely, superhero MMO DC Universe Online, spy-centric The Agency, and of course Free Realms. As it turns out, Square Enixdid intend to move up to the PS3, according to a recent report from Kris Pigna over at 1UP.

Hiromichi Tanaka, the title's producer, recently addressed this issue at the at the Final Fantasy XI Fan Festival 2008 in Hollywood, California. He explained that the resignation of a Sony rep involved in talks to make this happen -- and the complexities of PS3 development -- put a damper on bringing the title to the PS3. While it's a bit odd that one Sony rep quitting his (or her) job would have derailed the process of greenlighting a PS3 version of Final Fantasy XI, you can get the full scoop on this over at 1UP.