AT&T could bring U-verse services to Rock Hill / Columbia, SC within a year

Darren Murph
D. Murph|12.12.08

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Given the proximity of Charlotte, NC to both Rock Hill and Columbia, SC -- not to mention that $250 to $350 million fiber investment across the Carolinas -- we suppose it's no real shock to hear that AT&T is planning on bringing its services down south to Gamecock country. According to a local paper, the operator "has received certificates from South Carolina officials to bring the service to Columbia and Rock Hill within a year." AT&T itself has refused to dish out a definite launch date for the upstate, but it has said that it is "already upgrading its network toward that end." Truth be told, we'll feel a lot more confident in all of this if the Triangle region gets lit next week as rumored. Fingers crossed!

[Via freetimes]
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