ViBook looses DisplayLink USB-to-DVI adapter with support for six-screen spanning

Nilay Patel
N. Patel|12.13.08

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DisplayLink USB monitors are starting to trickle out a little more frequently now, but USB graphics cards based on the tech are still somewhat rare -- we've seen a couple, but VillageTronic's ViBook box is the only one that comes with software to span an image across up to six screens at once. That's right, the bundled VT MultiDisplay software will let you create a single giant Windows desktop out of six 1600 x 1200 22-inch displays if you buy enough of the $130 dongles -- Mac users can do the same with four screens. The dongle can be outfitted with a VESA cradle that allows it to hide discreetly behind your monitor, and while we don't know what the upper limit of graphics performance is, we do know that we'd kill for a gigantic 4800 x 2400 workspace. Weekend project, anyone?

[Thanks, Becky]
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