Philips underwhelms with lackluster iPod / iPhone accessory line

Is it any wonder Philips is opting out of making a stop at CES this year? If it showed up with this line, it'd literally be laughed right out of Vegas. The outfit's dedicated "showing" in San Francisco this past week consisted of two Streamium Network Music Players (NP2500 and NP2900) that we were already well aware of, a refreshed DLO iBoom JukeBox ($200) that now plays nice with iPhones and two other mildly interesting pieces. First up is the January-bound DC350 Docking Entertainment System ($150), which bills itself as an iPhone / iPod dock "with hands-free conference call functions and the ability to sync with business calendars on your PC." Finally, we've got the 2.1 SPA5300 sound system (pictured), which has evidently been introduced in less traveled corners of the world but is just now making itself visible in the US. On second thought, maybe "underwhelming" is being too generous.

[Via iPodNN]