LG's DVS450H DVD player makes us long for stylish Blu-ray decks

LG's DVS450H may be "just" a DVD player, but it's a fanciful one. Register Hardware was recently able to acquire one of the units, which handles upscaling and DivX playback without a hitch, and they were mighty impressed with both the form and function. To be honest, though, our interest in this player hovers around the design -- why can't Blu-ray players be fashioned after this? Are manufacturers waiting for market proliferation before thinking outside of the proverbial box in terms of design? Practically every Blu-ray deck that has ever been introduced looks completely typical, with no one willing to take a chance and offer up a stylish, if not unorthodox, alternative. We know, there are inherent risks in pulling such a trick, but won't someone gather up the courage and try? People love to buy shiny new toys, you know.

[Via Slashgear]