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NDrive's G400 PND knows when you're one sip over the line


Who do you trust more to tell you when you've had too much to drink -- your family, friends, or lovers, or a cold, emotionless piece of technology? We all know the answer -- you want the NDrive G400. We're not sure if this will actually keep idiots from driving drunk, though it will at least give a realistic impression of just how much you've knocked back -- which might be enough of a deterrent for some people. Other then the built-in breathalyzer, we assume this GPS nav does all the usual things PNDs do, but let's be honest, no one is buying it for the turn-by-turn directions. You can pick one of these puppies up for €200, and you can see the breathalyzin' in action in the video after the break.

[Via Navigadget]

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