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Nintendo holding back WiiWare launch list


We have a rough idea of which software is coming to WiiWare, but when it's coming is a different matter. Apparently, Nintendo doesn't want to help us find out either. Game|Life's Chris Kohler recently spoke to a company representative, who revealed that there may not be a list of WiiWare launch titles until the launch itself, on May 12th. Why? We've no idea, but it's a mighty strange way of getting consumers excited, Nintendo.

A few games (including Hudson's Star Soldier R, Konami's Critter Round-Up, and Two Tribes' Toki Tori) have already been confirmed for a release on May 12th by their publishers, but we're largely in the dark here. As Nintendo of America is planning to model the WiiWare release schedule on that of the Virtual Console, does that mean we'll be getting far fewer games than we originally expected when we turn our Wiis on next Monday morning?

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