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British Telecom launches BT ToGO service


This is a fun twist, instead of a mobile provider adding home phone service to its roster, British Telecom, a UK wireline provider is adding wireless service called Broadband Anywhere with a couple handsets called BT ToGO. The two handsets on offer are HTC's S710 and the S620 offering WiFi access when available and wireless when not, the home service is included with a BT WiFi set and router called the. The handsets are being bundled with "Broadband Anywhere" and includes DSL at home, Openzone WiFi and BT FON access with a sticker price of anywhere from £23.99 to £53.99 (roughly $47 and $105) a month. We're thinking $47 isn't too terrible a price to pay as long as they've got you properly covered, but $105 might be hard to swallow if the plans are meager. More specifics on the plans as soon as we have it.

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