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Sprint launching Treo 800w, red Curve on July 13?

Chris Ziegler

Inventory paperwork coming out of Sprint suggests that the launch date for the Treo 800w has actually moved up about a week from the last rumor, pegging general availability of the latest Palm kit for July 13. That will likely beat Verizon's launch -- just as Sprint did with the Centro -- and position it for the rather unenviable task of trying to score some modicum of fanfare in the midst of Apple's July 11 iPhone 3G onslaught. It's hard to argue that these two are competing for the same target audience, but even so, it seems like there's a healthy buffer around the 11th that most carriers are going to want to avoid for launching important devices (as any Treo inevitably is, no matter how lukewarm the styling may be).

Also notable on the inventory sheet is a mention of a red BlackBerry Curve launching on the same day, giving chronic emailers an option that's just a little more playful than the titanium trim currently available. Two devices from legendary lineages renowned for the quality of their keyboards launching on the same carrier on the same day? Yeah, no complaints here.

[Via WMExperts]

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