Verizon slide deck reveals Verizon i770, Palm 800w, fun facts

Sandwiched between a pair of overdue TPS reports in our desk's inbox this morning was this little gem, a glossy Verizon presentation filled with magical, exotic wonders hailing from a place and time not too far from our own. For starters, we're guessing that the giant "ID NOT FINAL" label here means that the Samsung i770 won't look quite like this nightmarish blue slab of death by the time it's released, but even if it does, we're happy to report that it'll still be sporting the GSM radio for global service we've been hearing about all along.

We've got a bit in here about the WiFi-equipped Treo 800w landing on Verizon in the third quarter, too, a device more frequently whispered in the same sentence as Sprint as of late. It also turns out that Big Red intends to launch a Novatel USB modem later this year that supports both EV-DO Rev. A and triband HSPA, likely becoming its first data device to let customers scream at 3G speeds while abroad. Watch out for those roaming charges, though -- yikes!

Moving on, we've got details on upcoming Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrades for the XV6800 and Samsung i760, some shots and specs of the Motorola V750 and Casio G'zOne c711 for the soon-to-launch EV-DO Rev. A PTT service, and the list just keeps on going. Honestly, this whole novella is recommended reading, so go ahead and click on that there gallery to get the ball rolling, won't you?

[Thanks, HTCkid]