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Get a Mac, get a job

Robert Palmer

As the economy makes with the poop, we can all use a little bit of extra help finding work. Whether it's side projects, or full-time employment, there are plenty of jobs available for system administrators, programmers, and creative people -- all who use a Mac.

I've assembled a collection of sites and job boards that cater to those with a technical and creative skill set -- people who probably use a Mac. This is by no means a complete list, but should help anyone starting to look for work.

Comments consisting of "how could you dare possibly omit [insert name of board here]" will be met with resigned sighs from me, but cheers from our readers. So feel free to point people in the direction of boards that you've used or trusted before in comments.

Follow me across the jump for the list.

Jobs with Apple



  • Adrem (UK) - Architecture and design jobs.

  • AIGA Design Jobs - From the American Institute of Graphic arts, the professional association for design.

  • Coroflot - Portfolios and jobs for creative work

  • Creative Hotlist - Run by Communication Arts magazine, all the design agencies I've ever worked with post and look here.

  • Krop - Creative and tech jobs.

  • ProgrammerMeetDesigner - Where programmers, designers, and entrepreneurs all look for each other for projects and jobs.


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