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JVC demonstrates prototype wireless HDMI box, plans to launch in Q1 2009

Darren Murph

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With Belkin's FlyWire just about to hit the market, JVC's planning to ride the wave and produce a wireless HDMI box of its very own. The unit was said to be a last minute addition to its CEDIA arsenal, and the representatives on hand weren't even briefed on what wireless technology the demo was using. Of note, there was a live demo involving no smoke nor mirrors, where the box received a 1080p signal via HDMI and beamed it out to a hidden receiver that was connected to an HDTV via (you guessed it) HDMI. JVC is obviously aiming for consumers with just one primary set-top-box (a PS3, for instance), and the plug-and-play nature means it can work with any source and any display so long as HDMI is involved. Pricing hasn't been set, but we were told to expect a Q1 2009 launch. Check out the prototype in the gallery below.

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