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Infinity Ward's 'Call of Duty 6' aiming for 2009 release


Despite the franchise's previous installment barely managing to shift a meager 10 million copies, Activision Publishing CEO Mike Griffith has made the surprising prediction that developer Infinity Ward would give it one more go with a sixth Call of Duty game, due in 2009. "In 2009, we expect Infinity Ward to deliver another [entry of] ground-breaking quality, Call of Duty 6," said Griffith, speaking at Activision Blizzard's Analyst Day (via Shacknews).

Call of Duty 6, which may end up dropping the "6" in favor of a militaristic subtitle (eg. Moderner Warfare), will follow Treyarch's Call of Duty: World at War, due to be released this November. Shacknews does note an element of confusion in Griffith's statement, however, with the CEO stating, "For calendar year 2010, Infinity Ward is already at work on the next installment in the [Call of Duty] franchise." Is that like ... Call of Duty: Space Warfare?

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