Octava's HDS31A 3x1 HDMI switch with L/R audio routing is made for legacy HDTVs

Octava's pushed out a few HDMI switches before, but never one like this. The HDS31A 3x1 HDMI switch is custom tailored to play nice with legacy HDTVs, which -- generally speaking -- have a single DVI input for digital video and L/R stereo audio inputs that are mapped for other video sources such as composite or S-Video. This here box enables users to sync up a trio of HDMI video sources and three L/R audio outputs through a single connection, and it enables users to keep the video input select on DVI. The unit is 1080p compatible and gets its commands via IR remote or manual selection -- if that's good enough for you, you can pony up $149.99 to get one headed your way.