Skate 2 dev diary talks online modes

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Richard Mitchell
January 8th, 2009
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We know you were all excited to try out Skate 2's online modes in the recently released demo. Thus, we also know that you were devastated to find out the demo doesn't have online modes. We'd like to tell you that we've magically enabled online play so you could try it out, but you'll just have to settle for a developer diary video instead. In said dev diary, Skate 2 online producer Brian Lindley discusses the various online modes. Among these modes are Hall of Meat, in which players compete for the most damaging bail. Players can also engage in Freeskate Activities, which are simple challenges in which all online players can compete. Finally, there's Create A Spot, which allows players to create their own custom skating spots, which can then be uploaded for other players to try.

Especially neat is that players can jump from the single player game world straight to online at any time right from the pause menu. Very slick. Skate 2 debuts later this month.
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