Nokia's QWERTZ E75 gets treated to a proper photo shoot

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Sean Cooper
January 23rd, 2009
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Nokia's QWERTZ E75 gets treated to a proper photo shoot

Well it's about time we get a few more decent shots of Nokia's QWERTZ E75 slider. Of course, these pictures only stand to worsen our already worried -- or poor? -- opinion of what looks to be a fairly painfully setup keyboard. Sure, the keys may look dead flat with very little space between them, we can get used to that, but there's more: why jam a great big dividing wall right smack in the middle of it all, Nokia? Looks are only half the job mind you, actually using it will tell the real tale. Here's hoping Barcelona and Mobile World Congress give us opportunity for some hands-on time. Until then, follow the read for pictures from every angle including a few comparison shots with the Nokia E71.
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