Chevy's Volt gets a lightning rebadge to become the Opel Ampera for Europe

There are some things a global economic recession can't stop, virtues like hope and American traditions like badge engineering. While GM's financial status may not give us much reason to hold that former virtue, it is at least continuing that latter tradition, announcing a deal that will see our Volt sold abroad as the Ampera. The news came with the above teaser shot, which shows Chevy's bow tie logo replaced by Opel's appropriately electrified Z, flanked by some rather more dashing headlights and bumper creases. The overall silhouette, however, looks much the same, and the Euro version is rated for 60 kilometers of petrol-free motoring, which roughly matches our 40 miles worth. No word on whether Europeans will be seeing theirs the same time we finally get to buy ours, nor whether it will feature Dr. Who sound effects instead of the Star Trek ones we'll get.