Stunning EVE machinima depicts struggle between New Eden's factions

James Egan
J. Egan|01.28.09

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Stunning EVE machinima depicts struggle between New Eden's factions

The sci-fi setting of EVE Online provides a great amount of material for players interested in creating machinima. But it's not everyday that a short film as good as Clear Skies or Havoc comes along. Then again, it's also not every day that something created by a player draws accolades from the game's creators -- but that's exactly the case with the work of EVE player Kyoko Sakoda, in "War Has Come" -- which beautifully captures the game, set to a cover of Bob Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower."

Sakoda writes, "This is one of my first thematic works. I know the Bear McCreary version of the song may sound like it is out of place for a few hardcore sci-fi fans, but I could not justify using any other cover. Enjoy, and write feedback if you wish. I'm always looking to improve my storytelling, direction, and editing and compositing skills."

We've got "War Has Come" embedded for you below the cut, and it's well worth a look. We just wish Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower" was a longer song...
Kyoko Sakoda flies with Veto Corp (whose CEO, Verone, we interviewed at Massively in the summer) and thanked them for their efforts in making the film a reality: "A BIG thanks goes out to my Veto corpmates, who spent no less than 20 hours of their own time helping me gather footage I required on Singularity."

What's more impressive, but perhaps less apparent to someone who doesn't know the backstory of EVE very well, is that Sakoda's film actually depicts the major conflicts between New Eden's four major races which led to the game's factional warfare, and which are fleshed out in the Empyrean Age novel.

As with all YouTube footage taken from EVE, it's always better to view it in high res or, even better, download the full version whenever available. This is especially the case with "War Has Come"; you can get the full version (which is gorgeous) from Option-D as a WMV file or in MP4 H.264 format. Enjoy!

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