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Live from HTC's MWC 2009 press conference

Live from HTC's MWC 2009 press conference
Sean Cooper
Sean Cooper|@sean_cooper|February 16, 2009 5:18 AM

We're here at HTC's presser and it is set to get under way in just a few minutes. What's on deck? We're not entirely sure, but we'll know real soon.

11:57AM That's a wrap!

11:56AM Peter just fielded a question about Android devices; he says they're "very focused" on the WinMo news today, and there won't be any Android announcements. So much for the G2.

11:55AM "Enjoy the show." That's it! Q&A time.

11:54AM Peter just spilled the beans: "Later today, together with Microsoft, we're introducing together with Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5. Both of these devices are Windows Mobile 6.5 ready. Buyers will get free upgrades to 6.5"

11:53AM "These devices will also work with the future of Windows -- we'll be announcing exactly what that's all about at the 3PM press conference." Hmm... don't suppose that could be Windows Mobile 6.5?

11:52AM HTC has sold more Windows Mobile devices than any other WinMo partner -- no surprise there.

11:52AM "The devices that HTC is launching here today, plus their innovation, is a step forward for our partnership. We're very excited about the work they've been doing."

11:51AM "I want to talk about partnership...last year, we have worked so closely with Microsoft to assist us and make these experiences so fantastic." He's introducing Microsoft's Andy Lees to the stage.

11:50AM Peter's coming back on stage!

11:49AM Both will be launching starting in the second quarter, with the Touch Diamond2 coming first.

11:49AM Looks like we're wrapping up the Touch Diamond2 / Touch Pro2 conversation with a summary of the new stuff.

11:48AM When you place the Touch Pro2 on a table, it's automatically a speakerphone. And seriously, the back of this phone looks like a speakerphone -- hard to mistake it for something else.

11:47AM Straight Talk in action: "It practically shouts to me, John, just press that big green button!"

11:46AM Considering the discussions here, it's obvious that HTC's targeting the Touch Pro2 at a squarely business-minded audience -- lots of talk about conference bridge numbers.

11:45AM Sometimes, a simple phone call would suffice -- no need to bust out an email on that Chiclet keyboard, right? Just press "Talk" from an email, and Straight Talk does its thing. Pretty slick.

5:44AM With a 3.6 inch WVGA, proximity sensor, sliding QWERTY keyboard, 2 speakers, 2 microphones for noise cancellation.

5:43AM Introducing the HTC Touch Pro2

5:41AM HTC's People-Centric Communication enables threaded SMS, all email, phone calls broken down into a per-person view

5:39AM Push Internet will enable you to select a couple websites and have the contents automagically delivered on a set schedule. Like RSS, but HTC-style.

5:37AM Today HTC is building on the Touch Diamond with HTC Touch Diamond2, 800 * 480 display, 5 megapixel cam.

5:34AM HTC touch Cruise first showed HTC Footprints. GPS phones should only be about GPS but a life chronicle.

5:32AM John Wang is taking the stage

5:32AM Today HTC is introducing Push Internet, Straight talk technology to integrate voice and email, and People-centric communication

5:30AM Focus in 2009 will be on people and how we communicate. HTC listens!

5:29AM HTC introduced Android, improving and expanding to fit phones to customer's lives.

5:28AM HTC's talking about the way cell phone use has moved over the course of 2008. Intro of TouchFLO 3D, improved Windows UI

5:26AM Peter Chou is on stage

5:20AM The room is small and filled to overflowing. Apparently everybody is expecting great news today.