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Toshiba TG01 hands-on and video walkthrough

Toshiba TG01 hands-on and video walkthrough
Sean Cooper
Sean Cooper|@sean_cooper|February 17, 2009 5:36 AM

While we weren't originally cheering fans of the Toshiba TG01's somewhat odd "stripey" interface, checking it out in person tells a different tale. It actually makes sense and works surprisingly well, and really, there is a reason why we've seen so many Windows Mobile skinning efforts, the shipped interface needs it. Most functions you need can be found in Toshiba's homescreen UI or can be added -- the video demos some of the options for making changes and panel color choices if the default isn't tickling your fancy. This handset is thin and light and makes the iPhone we used for some scale pics look positively chubby -- it's like having a PSP-sized display in your pocket. The 4.1-inch Regza-inspired screen is clear, the resistive touchscreen is typical hit and miss with fingertips, video and gaming are fast on the 1GHz Snapdragon processor and look gorgeous. You know, if Toshiba sees fit to add some 3G bands other than the 2100MHz included in the first effort, we could easily see this living -- almost unnoticed -- in our pockets. We're still pretty far out from the rumored summer launch of the TG01 so we're expecting to see some changes between now and then, and we also have some concerns about battery life while driving a screen like this, but for now, wow. Video walkthrough, some gaming action, and a big gallery are just past the break.