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LG GD900 eyes-on, now with video

LG GD900 eyes-on, now with video
Sean Cooper
Sean Cooper|@sean_cooper|February 19, 2009 9:05 AM

We did our best to get the LG GD900 (on many, many occasions) out of its enclosure into the not so fresh Mobile World Conference showroom air, but nothing doing. LG seems content to keep it in its glassy cage for the time being, though, they'll need to let us see it and its mysterious keypad at some point, right? The "show" here is that the keypad is crafted, poured, or whatever from some sort of clear plastic material and then we assume something like a thin transparent membrane is applied on top of that to register the key presses. Whatever the case, you can get a feel for the magic with a video replete with blinking lights and electronic sliding action. Enjoy this little slice of Vegas after the break.

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