Dungeons and Dragons Online celebrates 3rd birthday

It may not feel like it to some of us, but Dungeons and Dragons Online is almost three years old already. Turbine announced that they'll be celebrating DDO's birthday in style, with bonus XP and loot for anyone who joins in: "Starting this Friday, February 27th, and running through February 29th March 1, DDO players will gain a 50% XP bonus and +1 tier bonus to loot quality! But the fun doesn't stop there! Once 50% XP and +1 loot are over with on Sunday March 1st, starting Monday March 2nd, enjoy 10% bonus XP for 2 weeks!"

That's a lot of exclamation points but the message is clear; it's definitely a good time to jump into Dungeons and Dragons Online if you've been curious about the game, or have been away for a while. The third anniversary celebration is a limited window of XP opportunity so don't miss out.