Psion responds to "netbook" challengers, says it does so still sell the NetBook Pro

Well, it looks like the dust up between Psion and those using the "netbook" name to describe, um, netbooks, isn't showing any signs of going away anytime soon, with Psion now responding to Intel and Dell's latest charges by saying that, contrary to their claims, it does indeed still sell its NetBook Pro. According to jkOnTheRun, while Psion says it "can understand why people might have assumed that sales ceased a while back," it does in fact still sell the device, with the bulk of its sales being in the "highly specialized supply chain logistics area." As Psion points out, that continuation of sales is key to its argument to keep the trademark from becoming abandoned, and it says it has "all the invoices to prove multi-million dollar sales in the US in 2006 and sales that continue even to this day," adding that, "just because we're not selling tens of thousands through Best Buy doesn't mean we're not entitled to our trademark." That said, we're still a long ways from folks being forced to pay up or stop using the netbook name, although it's at least becoming clear that Psion isn't about to just let this one slide.