Ericsson demos 500Mbps vectorized VDSL2, HD streams get way excited

Darren Murph
D. Murph|03.17.09

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If you were jazzed about Comcast's recent announcement that its DOCSIS 3.0 technology was spreading even further across America, you should probably have a seat before reading the rest of this. Ericsson, who is generally known for its work in pushing mobile broadband speeds past the limit, has just demonstrated a VDSL2-based technology achieving data transfer rates of more than 0.5Gbps. Yeah, 500Mbps. The so-called "vectorized" VDSL2 tech can even offer up these speeds on existing copper lines, and for what it's worth, the demo utilized six bonded lines. We know, the only question here is "when?" Ericsson asserts that the standards for VDSL2 and line bonding are available today, but the standardization of vectoring "is ongoing and is expected by the end of 2009." Gimme, gimme.

[Via Total Telecom, image courtesy of VideoJug]
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